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We could say we’re a consulting firm, but that would sell our capabilities short. We could also say that we’re a digital marketing agency, but that would be too generic.

Specifically, we are a full-service customer growth agency.

We have the experience and skills to solve customer marketing problems for brands, both large and not-so-large, and unlock profitability through highly measurable and financially accountable marketing strategies.

Your company has a customer base and a foundation of customer behavioral data. You also inevitably have pressing business challenges to solve.

For example, you might:

  • Be seeking to grow your customer base, or are focused on building satisfaction and profitability among the customers you already have on board.
  • Have a customer loyalty program in the market and are wondering how to take it to next level to keep up with the demands of today’s digital consumer.
  • Need help with your data to realize its full potential value for your business.
  • Be wondering whether a loyalty program is the right tool to meet your needs, or whether another customer strategy is right for you.
  • Have gaps in customer knowledge or lack sufficient data to support business decisions.
  • Be seeking to connect the dots between customer transactional data, their preferences and their online identity.

Whatever your challenges are, we also know that you have little time to waste to make the adjustments necessary to compete effectively in the market.

That’s why we’re here to make it happen for you.

We’ve delivered positive results for many of the world’s most recognized brands. We have deep expertise in all the core competencies needed to add value to your customer marketing: customer strategy development, loyalty marketing, the payments world, marketing technology, data and financial analytics.

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Bill Hanifin

Founder & CEO

Dave Thompson

Senior Strategy Leader

Jay Hanifin

Digital Strategy Leader


Loyalty Truth logo is a unique source of independent and unbiased insights into all areas of customer-centric marketing. The site tracks the most powerful areas of influence on customer purchase behavior, and brings readers unfiltered perspective on consumer behavior and market trends in Millennial marketing, digital payments, and marketing technology. is published by Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a full service Customer Growth agency. Editor in Chief Bill Hanifin is a recognized leader in the areas of loyalty marketing, payment systems, and marketing technology. Together will a select group of guest contributors, shares views and insights founded in years of hands-on experience in customer marketing.

Customer Strategy Network

Customer Strategy Network

Bill Hanifin is co-founder of The Customer Strategy Network (CSN), a membership group composed of recognized practitioners in customer and loyalty marketing. Our Partner group is composed of highly experienced marketing professionals representing over 12 global markets including US, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean, UK, France, Iran, Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia and South Africa.

CSN Partners have created and executed customer marketing strategies for brands in multiple markets, helping them achieve stronger insights into their customer base and improved financial results. We have collectively worked directly with over half of the coalition loyalty programs worldwide that have been in market 15 years or more.

Partners can be employed directly to assist any brand seeking to solve complex customer relationship and marketing challenges in individual and cross-border environments.

We have a diverse group of loyalty practitioners today and want to add people with a desire to do memorable work for recognizable brands. When you’re leading change and redefining an industry, diversity of background, experience, and thought process is important to success.