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What’s the best way to get started working with Hanifin Loyalty?

We like to practice what we preach, which is that every person has a preferred communications channel – so we don’t only invite you to fill out a form. Sure you can do that here OR you can be in touch with us through any of these channels:

Do you only do consulting and strategy work?

Our DNA is built on consulting and strategy work, but we do so much more. Our analytics group can provide a variety of services on a standalone basis or integrated as part of a strategy development project. We can provide outsourced project management teams to help your organization meet acute resource needs connected with program and product launches. We can also operate your loyalty program via a technology solution that we have created based on 20+ years experience working with programs of all types, sizes and structures.

What is the Customer Strategy Network?

Founded in 2006 by Bill Hanifin and Mike Atkin, The Customer Strategy Network brings together the worlds leading practitioners in customer strategy, loyalty marketing and CRM. Our partner group of 15+ persons represents 12 geographies around the world and shares experience, case studies and current market trends to benefit our mutual clients. Partners of CSN can be employed directly to assist your business.

What is Loyalty Truth? is a unique source of independent and unbiased insights into all areas of customer-centric marketing. The site tracks the most powerful influences on customer purchase behavior and shares strategies and tactics that businesses can use to improve customer experience, increase levels of engagement and loyalty, and improve profitability.

The authors and contributors to this site are marketing practitioners, with years of experience working across different vertical markets and in diverse geographic areas.  Going beyond a journalist model, we offer you unmatched insight from an independent point of view. Check out a message from the publisher by clicking here

Can you help us operate our program? How do you incorporate technology solutions in your business?

We can provide the technology and support needed to operate your customer loyalty program. We can help in two ways; by providing guidance through a selection process of solutions providers in the market, or by bringing your program alive on our own loyalty technology solution. We provide these options as there is no “one size fits all” solution in the market and our goal is to provide you with the best available technology to meet your unique requirements.

If I’m not looking for a points / miles / currency based loyalty program, can we still work together?

We can work together no matter what type, size and structure loyalty program you are considering. Loyalty program design is changing rapidly to meet the needs of the mobile, digitally conversant customer. Winning program design today continues to be data-driven and incorporates smart offer management through an omni-channel approach. The decision to use a promotional currency is made as part of our work with you to design the optimal marketing solution.

Our business is based outside of the US. Will you work with us?

We specialize in helping clients located outside the US or which are US-based with cross-border interests. We have client experience covering North America, Latin American, the Caribbean, EU, and Pan Asian markets. The good news is that we have partners on the ground in many of these markets by virtue of our membership in the Customer Strategy Network (CSN). With over 15 partners representing 12 countries in CSN, we offer a unique value proposition for clients developing customer marketing solutions around the globe.

I’m not necessarily interested in launching a loyalty program, but have to achieve specific customer marketing goals within my business. Can you help?

We can help by stepping in to areas related to the core-discipline of data-driven marketing, whether you are launching a loyalty program or not. We operate best at the intersection of loyalty marketing, the payments business and marketing technology. A conversation about your specific customer marketing goals will quickly reveal the power and insight we can bring to your business. Get it touch with us to talk about what we can do for your unique business.

I have a loyalty program but need to improve our measurement of its impact. Can you build financial models and reporting dashboards to help?

Our DNA includes a strong math component. Maybe it’s the result of years in commercial banking and credit cards, or maybe its because we just know that you have to be able to show a return on investment for your marketing budget. We have built many sophisticated financial models and budget projection tools for clients, and we deliver measurement plans and dashboards to keep you in the good graces of your C-Suite executives.

Our company is in the business services sector. Our customers are other businesses. Do you create customer growth strategies for our sector?

We have worked with many business services providers, B2B as they say. We have helped companies to sort out complicated data structures in three-tier distribution channels and have created successful channel and sales incentive programs. Creating a winning strategy in the B2B market requires a unique approach from consumer loyalty and we can map out the differences for you to achieve your objectives.

We’re in the midst of decisioning about our customer marketing strategies. We need a facilitator / workshop leader to help us reach consensus. Can you help?

We have delivered keynote presentations at industry events, and led workshops and seminars with the likes of the Direct Marketing Association, Terrapinn, and UNI (Asia) as well as in many private settings. We are expert communicators, have a well developed point of view on the future of customer marketing, and can lean on our Customer Strategy Network partners if you want to add a cross-border perspective to the discussion.

We have a great product and service set, but need to build brand recognition and increase our visibility. Can you help with a Content Marketing strategy to support our needs?

Our DNA includes a belief that Content Marketing is the most powerful way to build credibility in the market and to create competitive advantage. We’ve successfully employed this approach in our own business and have supported several clients in creating and operating a thought leadership function in their business.